Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a structured form of conflict resolution where a conflict coach helps a person develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and competence in managing conflict. The process is focussed on the person’s conflict management goals and is not a form of counselling or therapy. It is a confidential process engaged in on a voluntary basis. Conflict coaching can focus on a particular conflict and is also helpful in addressing a long-term pattern of conflict or supporting conflict resolution. Dispute Specific Conflict Coaching Dispute specific conflict coaching is a form of conflict resolution that helps the client to gain an understanding of what is happening in a specific conflict from their point of view and that of the person or persons they are in conflict with. The client is facilitated to gain an insight and understanding of the dynamics of the conflict, including what triggers the conflict, and the assumptions and interpretations being made. The client is supported to design an approach to deal with the conflict having weighed up the options available. Dispute specific conflict coaching can be used to prepare for a difficult conversation or to support a person engaged a negotiation. It is often used in workplace situations to support mediation and dispute resolution, to prevent escalation and to avoid the intervention of a third party in mediation, arbitration or investigation. Many people prefer to deal with a conflict themselves and want to avoid involving others. Coaching Conflict for Competency People in management and leadership positions have to deal with conflict on an ongoing basis. Either they are in conflict or they are responsible for others who are in conflict. Conflict Competency Coaching takes place over a series of sessions with a focus on improving the client’s understanding of conflict and of their own reactions to difficult situations. It provides an opportunity to rehearse and develop aspects of their interactions with other people. The client builds a set of skills and strategies to use in situations of conflict. Overall they prepare themselves for conflicts that may arise in the future. The coaching process will develop an action plan for the client to progressively change their responses and behaviours through setting realistic and achievable goals and learning tasks. Telephone or Skype We offer conflict coaching on the telephone or on Skype. For more details please check here