Conflict Assessment

A Conflict Management Assessment takes a whole organisation overview to establish

  • What is already in place to address conflict
  • What disputes are being experienced or are likely to arise
  • What the disputes are about
  • The contributing factors
  • What patterns exist
  • How conflicts are affecting relationships and the operation of the organisation

The assessment will provide the information needed to reduce and manage conflict in order to improve performance and reduce costs caused by unhealthy and unresolved conflict.

A Conflict Management Assessment will:

  • Identify the types of conflicts are occurring within the organisation or with its client or the community
  • Identify the underlying causes of existing or potential conflicts
  • Assess how current procedures, policies and practices are addressing conflicts and disputes
  • Make recommendations for strategies and procedures to mitigate and pre-empt conflicts and disputes
  • Identify areas of education and training required

An assessment may involve interviews with staff, management and clients. Questionnaires,  surveys  and focus groups may also be used to gather information and test perceptions. The scale and scope of the assessment will be influenced by the nature, culture and structure of the organisation. Participation is typically anonymous and information gathered is not attributed to any individual. The report of the assessment informs the development of a conflict management system.