Mediation for Separating Couples

  Relationship breakdown can be a stressful and emotional experience, making it difficult to decide about and agree on parenting, living arrangements, finances and property. Mediation for separating couples offers a process for making informed decisions with the help of a professional mediator. Mediation is different to the adversarial court-based system. With our help, you and your ex-partner can make your own decisions about your unique situation and that of your family, rather than having a judge make these important decision for you. Mediation is:
  • A decision making process, whereby the couples themselves (with the help of a trained professional mediator) make their own decisions having thought through the consequences of these decisions
  • Mediation focuses on the needs of each of the couple as well as their children not on any one person’s individual rights
  • Each agreement is tailor made to meet the needs of that particular family
  • Couples decide the agenda and the mediator manages that discussion
Mediation is not:
  • Counselling
  • Advice giving, such as legal, tax or others
  • Adversarial; Mediation sees all the parties on one side of the table trying to sort out each issue together
Issues covered in mediation can include:
  • Parenting the children
  • Financial support
  • Provision of two homes for the future
  • Division of assets and pensions
The mediation process is flexible and party-focussed, taking account of the needs and wishes of the parties and their particular situation. The types of agreements that may be reached include:
  • Comprehensive agreements: which cover all issues resulting from the separation including finance, parenting, accommodation etc
  • Parenting agreements: which address parenting issues and support good parenting models
  • Financial agreements: which cover the finances and assets of the couple
  • Interim agreements: where the parties make an agreement for a specific time frame
  • Partial agreements: which address a particular issue or issues
A detailed leaflet is available on the Mediators Institute of Ireland website