Conflict Management System Design

Conflict is an inevitable part of any organisation. If it is not managed productively it can be a drain on resources, energy and passion. Constructive conflict leads to higher productivity, creativity and satisfaction. At Knockalla Consulting we are aware of the high risk of conflict in the current climate of limited resources, increased demands of workers and the high cost of unmanaged conflict. We work with management and staff to design and implement a system that reduces unnecessary grievances, prevents disputes and encourages the early resolution of conflict. A conflict management system reduces the cost of resolving disputes in terms of financial output, resources and time and builds the capacity of the workers to have constructive conflict. It removes the ongoing cost of an outcome that does not satisfy everyone’s needs for fairness, participation or a resolution that leads to a reduction in quality team work and productivity and a possible recurrence of further conflict. Conflict Management System Design starts with a conflict assessment to identify where conflict is happening and where the conflict is having a detrimental and destructive affect on the organisation. Taking a systems view, destructive conflict can be reduced and negative impacts can be minimised. By identifying where conflict can be turned into a positive and productive force procedures and practices can be developed and put in place that support the organisations dynamism, creativity and productivity.