Coaching for Sustainable Change

Coaching develops existing and new skills leading to an increase in confidence, competence and performance, and to sustainable personal and organisational change.

At Knockalla Consulting we offer coaching to individuals and teams. Our awareness-raising approach invites you to see the creative potential within important professional and personal issues while deepening your understanding of your life purpose or direction. It facilitates self-understanding while building on your skills to facilitate positive and lasting change.

Coaching is a professional relationship that facilitates performance, learning and development of people. The success of coaching in achieving results is primarily due to the supportive relationship between the coach and the client that takes place within a space of trust, safety, and challenge. It is about bringing a person’s awareness to their own potential of improving their effectiveness and achieving results. It focuses on measurable steps of success.

Coaching is not advising, telling or influencing; and though it might be therapeutic in its effect, it is not therapy or counselling. It is based on the premise that each person has the ability to resource themselves to achieve their goals and desires. The role of the coach is to facilitate the client in gaining clarity, setting goals, and taking action.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching deals with a client’s life in all its dimensions – personal, professional life, health and relationships. The client will present with an immediate issue, but this will broaden out to touch on many other aspects of their lives, such as exercise, diet, relationships with partner or children, work satisfaction, career and finical matters.

Business Coaching

Business coaches, coach people in their work on professional issues. They frequently work with managers within an organisation or a company, or with entrepreneurs. Their work with a manager may include their relationships with members of their team or a review of their vision and values and the organisation’s mission or purpose. Business coaching is an effective way of embedding training or any type of consultancy in an organisation and for working effectively through.

Telephone or Skype

We offer conflict coaching on the telephone or on Skype. For more details please check here