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Conflict Resolution is a Core Job Skill

When you go to for job interview there are some questions that you can be pretty sure you will be asked. One of these, and the one that a lot of people have difficulty answering, is “how would you deal with a conflict situation?” It may not be asked in exactly those words but that 

Need for Greater Conflict Competence

A lack of conflict competence and a culture of conflict avoidance is costing the Irish economy. Civil service human resources officers in Ireland are avoiding conflict as they “do not like tackling underperformance” and fear a “backlash from unions”. This avoidance of conflict is contributing to the poor implementation of the Performance Management and Development System. The 

Choosing your Conflict Resolution Mode

How do you respond to conflict situations? Do you seek to avoid disagreements and conflicts? Perhaps you try to accommodate other people’s opinions to maintain the peace or you may always seek compromise solutions. You could also choose confrontation or resistance. Maybe you seek to manage conflicts by trying to find a collaborative solution. None 

The High Dream of Leadership

Conflict  is a natural part of the life of groups and within this it seems inevitable that leaders will be attacked. I know that I have attacked the leader of groups and organisations I have been part of; and as a leader, I have been attacked myself. It  goes with the territory and it has 

Followership is as Important as Leadership!

Do a Google search for the word followership and you get 142,000 results; do a search for leadership and you get 134 million. Yet without followers, a leader is a lonely figure. So why do we focus so much attention on leadership and so little on followership? The day when a leader could expect blind