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Need for Greater Conflict Competence

A lack of conflict competence and a culture of conflict avoidance is costing the Irish economy. Civil service human resources officers in Ireland are avoiding conflict as they “do not like tackling underperformance” and fear a “backlash from unions”. This avoidance of conflict is contributing to the poor implementation of the Performance Management and Development System. The 

Judge Urges Mediation

Mediation generally lead to much quicker dispute resolution as it could take place over a much shorter period than litigation, where parties have to wait for a hearing date. Mr Justice Peter Kelly was launching the Cork Resolution Centre when he said that up to 70 per cent of cases currently before him could be resolved by mediation. Mediation 

UK Government Supports More Efficient Conflict Resolution

The British Government has signed the first Dispute Resolution Commitment (DRC), which requires all departments and agencies to use mediation, arbitration and conciliation wherever possible before taking disputes to court. This is a very welcome move that should be followed by other others including business and non-governmental organisations. Making more use of the wide range 

The Cost of Conflict

It makes sense to address conflict in your organisation, whether it is a business, a club, a committee or a community group. Conflict that is not addressed and that is allowed to continue and fester affects the morale, the productivity, the profits, the outcome, and the health and well-being of those involved. Some of these